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  • About Us
    A history of the 300 year old foundry and information on the current owners, plus the recent additions of mould handlings, shot blasting, sand blasting and fettling in the last five years.
  • Contact the Foundry
    Where we are based and how to get in touch, to discuss your metal casting needs.
  • Iron Castings
    Our cast iron foundry services cover all manner of ready made and bespoke iron products, see this page for a gallery and details.
  • Cast Bronze
    Cast bronze work and metal products from our foundry - see this page for examples of cast bronze.
  • Aluminium Foundry Castings
    Aluminium foundry services including casting, shot blasting - bespoke and ready-made work.
  • SG Iron Castings
    Castings in SG iron and some details and examples of our work.
  • Shepherd Hut Wheels
  • Shot Blasting
  • Accessibility
    Information on how accessible our website is with software such as text-browsers.
  • Bridport Foundry Glossary
    Familiarise yourself with some of the specific terms used in the metal foundries industry.
  • FAQS
    View some of the frequent questions we get asked here at Bridport Foundry.
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