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FAQs about our foundry services

What metals are you able to cast? 

Our metal foundries include a bronze casting foundry, aluminium foundry, cast iron foundry including SG iron and Alloys. 

What is SG Iron Casting?

This is a type of iron that is suitable for fabrications that require more ductile components. 

How much will my Metal Casting cost?

Each job is tailored to individual requirements therefore a unique quote will be provided when we have more information about the work required.  

How long will my metal casting take to produce? 

Contact our Foundry in Dorset to enquire about current waiting times on metal castings fabrications. 

What are metal castings used for?

Metal castings might include products like railing, statues/ sculptures, plaques and much more. Metal castings produce a wide range of shapes that can be used in various industries. 

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