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Bridport Foundry Glossary

Familiarise yourselves with some of the common terms used in the metal foundries industry. 

Castings – Metals are melted into a liquid form and left to set in a mould/ casting that is left to set creating a metal shape. Castings are commonly produced in metal foundries. 

Iron castings – A popular material that has been used for hundreds of years within the casting industry, often favoured to produce metal castings used in all manner of industries. 

Bronze Castings – In cases where more intricate and delicate metal castings are required bronze is often the favoured metal used in all manner of industries. 

Aluminium Castings – Again one of the most popular/ common materials used to produce metal castings. Molten Aluminium is poured into mould to produce the desired pattern. 

Traction Engines – Often used to pull heavy loads in its period of time,  a traction engine is usually a steam powered vehicle. 

Prototyping – A preliminary version of a product that can be assessed and developed into something else. 

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